Kerch strait - smallThe Ukrainian government is looking into possibility of building a bridge between Ukrainian Crimea and Russian Krasnodar Krai (part of which is Sochi), reports Their logic is – Russia promotes Sochi, lets bring some of their visitors to Ukraine :) That sure makes sense… I always wondered why a bridge or a tunnel across Kerch (Kertch/Kerchensky) strait did not exist. Well, the money, I guess. But it always felt wrong (and it still does) that people have to drive around Asov Sea just to get to Crimea by land from south of Russia when it is so damn close. Today there is a ferry operating across Kerchensky and Tamansky peninsulas. However, it was reopened just a few years ago, before it wasn’t operating for 15 years.

 Kerch strait, Sochi - map

Anyway, Ukraine’s Crimea resorts and Black Sea coastline resorts in Russia (especially Sochi) are the biggest rivals in fight over tourists from Russia and CIS countries. A bridge like the one proposed would increase competition, which should in the end benefit “end users” — tourists. It will obviously have many other economic benefits for both sides. And finally we’ll have something that should’ve been created a long, long time ago.

Kerch strait 1

Kerch strait 2

Photos by Brian McMorrow


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