Sochi quick fact: Population (2009)

Sochi News December 30th, 2009

Population of Sochi has increased during this last year; around 411 000 people live in Sochi today.

Source: Sochi mayor’s report from December 21, 2009

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Sochi quick fact: Tourism numbers of 2009

Sochi News December 22nd, 2009

* Gross income from tourism in Sochi in 2009 was $738 000 000 (22,5 bln rubles), which is two times higher than during last year.

* Sochi was visited by around 4 800 000 tourists in 2009.

Source: Sochi mayor’s report from December 21, 2009

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Olympic preparations quick fact: Relocations

Development, Olympics 2014 October 27th, 2009

By the year 2010 approximately 1000 families will be relocated due to the Olympic construction development. Over 2500 hectares of land will be bought out from private owners for Olympic projects in Imeritinskaya Valley, Krasnaya Polyana, Vesyoloe village as well as Khosta and Central districts. Central district is affected by road infrastructure project.

– information from Vice Minister of Russia Dmitry Kozak via Interfax and

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Sochi quick fact: Telephone codes

Other stories October 4th, 2009

Landline telephone code of Sochi is 8622, and all numbers are six digits. Telephone code of Russia is 7, so to call a number in Sochi you dial +7-8622-##-##-##.

Mobile operator’s codes are all different, and the numbers consist of three digit code and seven digits number. Here are telephone codes of major mobile operators in Sochi:

MTS (МТС): 918, 988
Megafon (Мегафон): 920, 930, 928, 938
Beeline (Билайн): 903, 905, 906, 909, 960, 961, 962, 963, 964.
TELE2: 902, 908, 952

Calls between operators in Russia are always more expensive than inside operator’s network, and there are no such thing as free long distance calls. So, if you’re planning to get local number, consider this: absolute majority of people living in Sochi have MTS numbers. This is due to the fact that several years ago MTS acquired major local operator «Kuban GSM».

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Olympic preparations quick fact: Aug 20, 2008 (+ pics)

Development, Olympics 2014 August 20th, 2008

Construction of 17 Olympic projects is already underway, another 100 projects are in the engineering phase, and around 60 more Olympics-related projects are applying for expert evaluation.

This info is from RIA Novosti. They also have some recent photos from constructions sites. Here a few of ’em:

Sochi quick fact: Population

Sochi News April 20th, 2008

Quick fact: The population of Sochi is around 400,000 people. The surrounding, Krasnodar region (aka Krasnodar Krai), is home to 5.1 million people, and is the third largest Russian region.