About me
My name is Erik. I was born in Sochi, Russia and lived there first seventeen years of my life. The next thirteen years I spent in New York, USA, and now I’m back in Russia, working in Saint-Petersburg. But I love my hometown with a passion. I visit Sochi every summer, and when I’m not there I follow city life on daily basis. I know more about what’s going in Sochi, than wherever I live :)

About this site
So, here I want to tell You about what Sochi really is, what it’s not, and why you absolutely have to visit it on your trip to Russia.

Feel free to comment posts in the blog and ask away any questions. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll try to find out.

Guest posts
If you have been to Sochi and would like to share your experience, positive or negative, with blog readers, I’ll gladly post it. Just let me know in the comments on any post and I’ll email you.