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Blank buttons for phpBB2 NoseBleed skin

Other stories June 29th, 2007

Download blank buttons for phpBB2 NoseBleed skin »

This is a set of blank buttons for phpBB2 NoseBleed skin I re-created from existing English buttons . Now you can use these blanks to create buttons for this theme in the language you need. Enjoy!

These are transparent GIFs, no PSDs, sorry.

The ccna certification is an important exam when talking in the context of Cisco products. The mcse has 104 products but is less in use. Likewise the examination of mcdst is also not so much popular. The ccda is a bit more famous comparatively. To start a high post job, one needs to have some of these microsoft certification especially mcp training. However the training which is needed the most and require a lot of practice is it training.

Sochi-2014 left for Guatemala

Olympics 2014, Sochi News June 24th, 2007

Ten days left to the day when the 2014 Winter Olympics host city will official be selected. Sochi is one of three official candidate cities, and Sochi delegation will be the first one to have 45 minutes presentation. Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected to attend and take part in presentation.

Sochi-2014 delegation left on Friday for Guatemala, where the voting will take place on July 4th. The official host city will be announced at 17:00 local time – that is 6pm US EST time, 23:00/11pm in London and 3:00 July 25th in Moscow.

Root for Sochi! :)

Visitor registration: now easier then before

Russia June 24th, 2007

The information in this article is still in effect, however according to recent news reports the registration of foreigners will not be required in the near future, as the point of new migrations law is not registration of foreigners, but monitoring of how many foreigners are in Russia at any given time.

Migration Card for entrance to Russia One of the biggest pains about traveling to Russia for foreigners is a required registration in the city of stay within three business days of arrival. When you stay in the hotels, most hotels will take care of it for you, but if you come to visit (and stay with) your friends and family, you have to get registered.

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Increased security measures for the summer season

Russia, Sochi News June 24th, 2007

According to the article published in «Rossiyskaya Gazeta» newspaper, the police in Russian resort cities will patrol streets and beaches on bicycles, patrol boat, and light flying vehicle (whatever that is) during summer season.

The police force will increase by 20% on the resorts to counter average 18% crime hike during summer tourism season. Increased security measures in trains, airports, seaports and surrounding buildings, mandatory emergency police button in all big hotels and spas, more road police posts are among other ways making people’s travel and stay safer. Every bus with children will be escorted by police car. Video surveillance and direct phones to police will be installed in places with large number of people.

Artificial Island in Sochi

Development, Sochi News June 24th, 2007

Investment agreement about the construction of tourist recreation complex in the Black Sea was signed by the Krasnodar Kray administration with St.-Petersburg based “M-Industry” construction company during XI Saint-Petersburg International Economic Forum couple of weeks ago.

The artificial island, named Federation Island, will have residential area, hotels, restaurants, malls, year-round yacht parking, various sea attractions – aquarium, oceanarium, and many other. Planned location is Khosta district – my home area. No dates are set yet.

Sounds good? Not to me, and for so many reasons I don’t know where to start. And, unlike developments in Adler (in the planned “Olympics” area), which will improve district’s infrastructure and people’s lives, this one will improve nothing. I want more information on this, but right now I don’t see how it possibly can be a good idea.

“Kinotavr” film festival open in Sochi!

Events, Russia, Sochi News June 3rd, 2007

Kinotavr logo«Kinotavr» is Russia’s biggest open film festival. It takes place in Sochi annually, this year its 18th time.

The opening ceremony took place evening June 3rd. There are fourteen moves in the competition program; they’ve been selected from over 100 films. Most of the participating movies are Russian (only one foreign move is Ukrainian), you can find the complete list of the titles at the official website’s program page.

Kinotavr old logo Zimny teatr during Kinotavr open russian film festival Dolph Lundgren at the Kinotavr festival in Sochi, Russia Kinotavr film festival prize

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