Over 100 Sochi cafes and restaurants where selected to service IOC delegates and journalists during their February visit. All menus will be translated to English and stuff will prepare to service foreign guests. In addition to this, many cafes and restaurants are designing new “Olympic oriented” dishes. For example general manager of “Dan” restaurant gave some details on their preparations.

“Instead of simply giving our dishes names that symbolize the Games and sports, we decided to present a look back at the history: we found a lot of useful information about most popular items during past Winter Olympics over the Internet. By now we have designed three new items, and by the end of this week we’ll have twelve. Menus will include year of the Olympic games, host country, and course with description.”

The “three new items” are:

  • Golden jump” – mountains made from rice and ski jump made from golden trout.
  • Way to the Top” – filleted squid stuffed with seafood, in form of three “towers” symbolizing medal podium, leading to which are paths made of spinach sauce.
  • Desert “Victory peak” – puff pastry leafs with layers of strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries (yum!)

All this stuff makes my mouth watery :)

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