Recently a new free online audio language learning service was launched. It has yummy name and provides lessons for several popular languages, including Russian.  There are many websites online that teach Russian language, this one by far the best one I’ve seen. In fact I’m writing about it only because I was impressed with it so much! It’s simple, has clean and intuitive interface, the quality of learning material and quality of audio is great, there’s a lot of the materials, and it’s free!

The course is for the beginners, and if you ever flirted with the idea of learning some Russian head on to the and give it a shot. The sign up process is painless, it doesn’t require activation via email, and you don’t even need a password!

There are 100 lessons available, and all audio material is done by native speakers. The Russian course is made for English-speaking users, voice and on-screen instructions are in English. Throughout the course you can listen to the pronunciation and see its equivalent in latin letters, which, as I saw with my colleague at work today, helps a lot to those who doesn’t know Cyrillics.

And when you’re done with it for a day, it remembers the last Lesson and Slide you were in!

Here are a few screenshots:

Main screen – lesson and slide (section of the lesson) selections are on the top, interactive content is in the center, and slide navigation and the lesson progress are on the bottom.
Learning Russian - Mango screenshot

Pop-up instruction help you get started as you go.
Learning Russian - Mango screenshot

Move mouse over Russian phrases to see pronunciation in latin letters, or click it to hear native speaker say it!
Learning Russian - Mango screenshot

Then test you newly gained knowledge.
Learning Russian - Mango screenshot

Go ahead, Try Mango!

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