Mayor of Erevan – the capital of Armenia – Ervand Zakharyan has announced today that Sochi and Erevan will sign document in November or December making Sochi and Erevan sister cities (aka twin towns or brother cities). Currently almost all Sochi’s sister cities are major resort centers in the countires where they are located. Erevan is not, however large number of Sochi residents are ethnic armenians, and this move makes a lot of sense.

Sochi’s current sister cities:

Cheltenham, UK (since 1959)
Menton, France (since 1966)
Rimini, Italy (since 1977)
Espoo, Finland (since 1989)
Long Beach, USA (since 1990)
Trabzon, Turkey (since 1991)
Pärnu, Estonia (since 1994)
Weihai, China (since 1996)
Volos, Greece (since 2007)


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