I haven’t had a chance to write about Sochi events in last few days, today too. So, today I’m just going to show you a few pics of Sochi I found on Flickr.com.

Sochi Train Terminal - small 3Train Terminal - small 1Sochi Train Terminal - small 2

Today we’ll look at the train terminal in Central district. It is definitely one of the coolest architectural structures in Sochi. The main tower has a huge clock, which has signs of the zodiac instead of numbers, as you can see on one of the pictures. The terminal was recently reconstructed and now looks great. In front of this terminal is also Sochi’s main bus terminal, from where buses go in all directions, and also to other cities. However, many international buses operating by private companies do not leave from this terminal.

Here are lager photos:

From guide5

From 19th

From 19th


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    Takashi Nonin
    July 20th, 2008 at 1:36

    Hi, I have several questions about the landmarks of Sochi. I!ll be happy if someone kindly answers them.

    Can anybody describe in detail the places in the following picture of Sochi?


    (1) What is the blue tower in the middle of the picture for?
    (2) What is the white hotel-like building on the hillside over the tower?
    (3) Can you read the billboard across the top of the white building?
    (4) What is the yellow crane erecting on the coast? Is it for construction or for
    lifting yachts?
    (5) What are the 7 or so lampposts running horizontally toward the blue fence
    on the right?
    (6) Are these structures motorways or the railway tracks?
    (7) What is the blue fence on the far right? Train station or what?
    (8) Where is this scene located? Sochi City, Khosta district, or Adler area?

    Yet another picture from a different angle may help you.


    I am interested in the artificial islands, “the Federation Island” and the Japanese “SAKURA ISLAND” going to be constructed off the coast of Sochi in the Black Sea.

    I’d be happy if I can hear more about these manmade islands!

    With best regards, and thank you in advance……..
    With love all the way from Japan, the Land of the Oriental Cherry,

    (Mr.) Takashi Nonin

  2. 2
    July 20th, 2008 at 16:37

    This is easy — this is where I grew up!

    First Picture:

    (1) I’m assuming you’re referring to the metal construction with spiral steps? I have no idea of its purpose. It was built a few years ago, and we thought it was for lifeguards, but the only time I saw people on top, was when kids were jumping from it down to the sea :)

    In the beginning there was huge Russian flag on top of this tower. It was so big, that only a strong wind could unfold it. So they took it down after a couple of years.

    If you’re talking about tower extending from white building – see #2 below.

    (2) The hotel-like building is … the hotel! :) Actually it’s a sanatorium, a spa, called «Mys Vidny» – translates to Cape “Visible” – just like the Cape it’s standing on ;)

    «Mys Vidny» has been around forever, it has become a landmark of the Khosta district. This spa belongs to Russian Railways company — Russian railway monopoly. It was completely renovated several years ago, and that visible extension tower was build — it is a elevator to allow for easy access to the beach by spa’s guests. It was a great idea, as it’s no fun at all to walk up the hill in a blazing sun after swim in the saltiest seas around :)

    The official website of Mys Vidny is mysvidny.ru (in Russian only)

    (3) «Мыс Видный» (Mys Vidny) and a logotype of Russian Railways.

    (4) I don’t know about yachts, but definitely for boats, aquabikes and other smaller sea vessels. It’s also for unloading cargo.

    (5) & (6) Yes, these are lampposts on a highway (motorway). The railroad tracks, go in parallel to this highway, but on the ground level.

    (7) No, the Khosta train station isa little further, “behid” the person taking this picture. The fence is actually on the raised platform (you can see posts under it) — people like to take “sun baths” there, instead of the beach, because on really hot days you can feel sea breeze up there.

    (8) As i mentioned before, its in central part of the Khosta district.

    The Second Picture is taken from the concrete wall you can see on the first picture – gray line where mountain meets water under «Mys Vidny». It was taken towards where the person shoot first picture from.

    The building with red roof is another Sanatorium «Volna» (“sea wave”). The building in from of it (it actually is not right in front), with blue roof, is Hotel Aquamarin

    I can’t tell you much about the island projects. I’m not in Sochi right now, and I don’t know weather the construction has begun. I’m pretty sure it hasn’t yet, I’d probably hear about it. I have to say though, locals are not thrilled about these projects. In fact everyone I know pretty much hate the idea. And I am too.

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