Video recorded and compiled by a couple of guys paragliding over Krasnaya Polyana, with some nice shots of surrounding nature.

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    heinz kappel
    February 18th, 2007 at 4:19

    Priviett, I am a paraglider pilot from girmani and i am looking for a good paragliding place in russia and would like to come for holidays. Your film is great, can you give me some more informations or photos about the site, the map, when is a good time to come, when ist the lift operating (whole year?). It would be great if you could give me some ideas. Or can you send me your film as a file? Thanks a lot!!!

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    February 18th, 2007 at 12:44

    Hi Heinz!

    This is not my video, so i dont’ have the video file. But
    here are some links to the maps of the area. Unfortunatelly i don’t have any updated hi-resolution maps of Krasnaya Polyana.

    I believe the lifts are open all year round. It least I know they are open during winter, summer, and fall. You can find out for sure if you write to them to – this is lift operator Alpika Service. However i don’t know if you can paraglide there during winter. I mean i know people paraglide during winter in some places, i just don’t know if you can do it there.
    – “map” of the lifts with heights
    – Bottom circle is where Sochi airport is. Top red dot is where the paragliding video was taken.
    – On this “map” you see Krasnaya Polyana town (middle) and Esto-sadok/Alpika-service resort (left-front) – this is where the Paragliding video was taken.
    – Map of Krasnaya Polyana town, Radisson SAS Peak Hotel is the building with $$ signs on the right :) there are otehr good hotels in the area that may be cheaper.
    – old map (1942). Krasnaya Polyana region is on the bottom of it.
    – another map showing where krasnaya polyana is and how to get there,40.041733&spn=0.294042,0.74295&t=h&om=1
    – and this how it looks on Google maps (only low resolution)

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