Sochi Olympic Cooperation

Own a business or have money to invest? You can help Sochi to get things done on time! :)

There are two places I know where you can find information about Olympics-related tenders. One is the official website of the Sochi Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games, and the other one is the website of the state corporation “Olympstroy”.

And these are not only tenders for construction of the Olympic venues for the Sochi Olympic Games, but also for smaller stuff, like supplying construction equipment, autos, office supplies and equipment, providing services like financial audits and technical expertise for various events, etc.

The trick with the Organizing Committee for OG is to monitor both Russian- and English-language versions of the websites. French-language version of the website doesn’t have any information on official tenders. Most tenders are published in the Russian section (of course in Russian language), and fewer are on English (in English). Looks like it depends on the tender where each one goes. Right now there are five open tenders in the Russian section.

The Russian section also lists several high-level open vacancies open in the Organizing Committee. I assume this means that the candidate has to be fluent in Russian. The English section’s “vacancies” section is empty for now.

Sochi Olympic tenders from the Sochi Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games:
Russian language
English language

The state corporation “Olympstroy” opened redesigned website about a week ago, and also lists all tenders there. Unfortunately right now their website is only in Russian-language. Olympstroy is responsible for getting all Olympic constructions done on time, their responsibilities include the construction and coordination, and also safeguarding of the environment. Thus, their tenders are of a wider range and higher .. hmm … value (?), and if you’re looking to get involved it is probably worth finding someone to help with translation :) . Here are a few random tenders from recently published to give you an idea of what I meant by “wide” and “high”:

  • Buying computer equipment for the
  • Buying auto «Mercedes-Benz S 500 4M L» (don’t ask why they need a Mercedes-Benz…)
  • Choosing investors for the construction of the Olympic venues
  • Construction of the bobsleigh Olympic venue

Sochi Olympic tenders and investment opportunities from Olympstroy


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