Ves’ Sport” quotes Ed Hula, the Editor of the Around The Rings – american analytics agency, saying that Sochi’s bid, unlike Salzburg’s and PyeongChang’s bids, got a lot stronger due to better lobby on international level.

Past October’s Power Ranking by ATR looked like this:
1. Salzburg (87)
2. PyeongChang (76) tie
2. Sochi (76) tie

I wonder if they’ll post new ranking after examining the Bid Books, or they’ll wait for Evaluation Commission to tour the candidate cities…

By the way, here is Power Index their October ranking was based on:

ATR October 2006 Ranking

Accommodation: Quantity, quality
Ambience: Is the city comfortable, touristfriendly; a pleasure to visit?
Bid Operation: Leadership, strategy and public relations
Games Cost and Finance: The projected bill for operating the Olympics and the infrastructure needed; unusual finance risks. Higher scores indicate lower costs.
Last Games in the Country: Years since last summer or winter Olympics. Higher the score, the longer since the Games. Some credit could be given for recent Olympic bids.
Legacy: Impact of the Olympics in a city; sustainable venues
Marketing: The size and impact of marketing programs
Government & Public Support: The commitment of government and populace for a Games
Security: Reputation and quality of security, perceptions of risk
Transportation: Ease of travel, multiple transport options, airports, quality of public transit, taxis
Venues and Experience: The overall plan for the Games and experience handling other events, winter sports in particular.

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