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Sochi News March 18th, 2007

I haven’t had a chance to write more Sochi news as im working to implement a new feature for my other website. But here a quick run down on what interesting had been happening in Sochi:

  • Abkhazia asks for direct postal services from Russia. Because Russia officially recognizes Abkhazia as part or Georgia, all mail from Russia to Abkhazia goes through Georgia. Even from Sochi, which borders Abkhazia. Georgia, in turn, uses it as a pressure point on Abkhazia, which is virtually independent from Georgia since 1993. This results in people of Abkhazia asking others to send correspondence to Sochi’s post offices, and then they to commute to Sochi to pick it up.
  • Sochi officials will lobby to get some of the Olympic projects construction contracts to local companies.
  • Residents of Long Beach (CA), USA – Sochi’s twin city since 1990 – support Sochi 2014 bid.
  • «Development of telecommunications in Russia» all-russian forum is scheduled to take place in Sochi in April.
  • «Banks of Russia – 21st century» international forum is scheduled to take place in Sochi in September.
  • Archeologists find ancient writings on Sochi’s dolmens

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