It was announced today that Sochi International airport will be connected with Adler district by railroad track. And, possibly in the future, to the Krasnaya Polyana resort.

Today, Adler station is as far south you can go by train. Further is Abkhazia (which one still can go to by suburban train). Airport isn’t far from the Adler station, and there’s a highway connecting them. Without a traffic, its maybe 10 minutes drive. Im guessing this could be beneficial to people flying in, but have plans/reservations to spend their time in Lazarevky district of Sochi (which is quite far from the airport) or even Central district. And, of course, this will become invaluable in the event of the Olympics, if the track will continue to Krasnaya Polyana.

Sochi International Airport


If they can implement this without making any more railroad crossings, this will be great. Oh, and Krasnaya Polyana … can trains go up the mountains? …

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