World culture festival «Etno-Sochi» will take place in Sochi, on the square in front of city administration, on February 22nd. Participants from Africa, India, Latin America, and Caucasus will perform their national music, and dances, treat visitors with national food and drinks, and teach them how to play their national musical instruments. The culmination of the festival will be etno-parade, and will end with “fire-show”.

Sounds fun! :)


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    anna paidoussi
    February 9th, 2008 at 20:05

    i was in sochi fall of 1979 for the red carnation international song festival ( representing the USA ) and would love to have any archival links to that year’s festival. perhaps i can find an LP. i remember the people with great love….it was my birthday while i was there and the sochi newspaper led off with happy birthday annuschka on their cover. the whole town had quit smoking but everyone was very kind about my tobacco use. the ladies who worked in the theatre where we performed bringing me little snacks and hot tea and cognac for my voice. one of the festival people brought me home to eat (and meet) with his family- originally from georgia their cooking smelled liked my grandmother’s (greek) . such kindness and one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life.

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