• “Base Element”, the new owner of Sochi airport, is arguing with “Russian Railways” on weather to build a light railway from the Airport to the city’s center and future Olympic venues, or to build full railway extention from the Adler rail station to the Airport. Time frames and money are the questions at hand.
  • “Systema Gals” development company plans to build 100 000 sq. meters resort complex by year 2010, with will include five-star hotel and apartments, and 100 meters tall tower. I hope people don’t go building little Manhattan in Sochi, as Sochi is in seismic zone.
  • “Moscow Capital” bank will invest $150 mln in building “Solnechnaya Polyana” (Sunny Valley) alpine skiing resort in Krasnaya Polyana – where Olympic skiing and sliding venues will be located. The construction will start in 2008, and is to be completed by year 2013.
  • Land prices in Sochi exceeded Moscow prices. One “sotka” (100 sq meters) by the sea now costs $150 000.

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