Last night I upgraded blog engine and had to change the theme as the old one did not support new blog features. However, I like the new theme, and hope you do too — it’s light and clean, and it took me some time to pick the theme :) The design will change a little, and I’ll bring my Flickr photos back soon.

Upgrade did not go smooth, so you’ll see weird characters in old posts, but I’m planning to fix it within a few days (upd: done!). There are a few good changes that come with new engine and new theme:

  • Most recent comments are now on top, so you can see what visitors are commenting on, and join the conversation;
  • Now we have tags. See tag cloud on the right. I’ll try to tag old posts over time;
  • Search is back! I had some problems with search before, but it works here now. The search box is on the sidebar;
  • Trackbacks & pingbacks are now separated from the comments.

Soon I’ll add contact form, and, maybe, forum. I’m also thinking on switching my RSS feed to FeedBurner (I’ll notify in advance if I decide to do it), and adding RSS-to-email form.

If you’d like to see some other functional features on this blog let me know!


  1. 1
    Timothy Post
    August 2nd, 2008 at 8:54

    I have a couple domains which you might be interested in using for your blog. I’d be glad to transfer them to you, free of charge.

    Send me an email and I’ll give you more info.

  2. 2
    August 3rd, 2008 at 0:58

    thanks for the offer! email is on its way :)

  3. 3
    August 4th, 2008 at 15:48

    Хорошая Темка, приятная и этому блогу очень идет :)

  4. 4
    August 6th, 2008 at 17:25

    спасибо, я штук сто наверно пересмотрел, прежде чем остановится на этой :)

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