The biggest news of the day yesterday, and it was a bad one, was that the only winter resort in Krasnaya Polyana, operated by “Alpika Service”, has stopped its operations by the court order. Yesterday morning all lifts were stopped, cafés and restaurants closed. Why? Official reasons – violations of health and fire safety rules. But according to general manager of “Alpika Service”, Petr Fedin, regional administration has put a lot of pressure on them and wants to take the land away. According to Mr. Fedin, pressure on “Alpika” has increased after administration changed in Krasnodar Krai, and after Sochi had become an Olympic candidate city. Numerous fire, health, tech, ecology, and financial inspections occur a lot more often now then usual. Fedin says “Alpika” recently had 24 inspections in 10 days :-O Apparently all this pressure come over land dispute, between “Alpika-Service” and “Ecotur” – company headed by Krasnodar Krai governor’s assistant. The topic of the dispute is 10 hectares of land next to the downhill ski trails.

All this smells dirty, as it most likely is. Meanwhile weather in Krasnaya Polyana is perfect for skiing/snowboarding, lots of fresh snow, yet many tourists have to leave since no lifts are operational. The lifts are still not working, though the resort is expected to resume its operations tomorrow, Jan 24th.


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