I should’ve blogged about it a couple of months ago, but I was traveling, and changing to a new workplace.

There’s an ongoing public mascot contest organized by Sochi 2014 Olympic committee. It started on September 5th, and a month later they announced they are accepting international entries.

Their idea, as they announced it, is to get some ideas from public, and then they’ll give popular ones to the pros to complete them. So, when you see the pictured in their gallery, don’t jump to conclusions :)

Official website of the contest: talisman.sochi2014.com

Gallery: http://talisman.sochi2014.com/gallery/

So, the final version won’t, probably, be 100% yours, but if your idea will become the basis of the official mascot, I guess, you won’t be forgotten. In any event, if your work goes through to the finals of the contest, you’ll get presents and get to be on TV show :)

The official website of the contest is in Russian language only. In the contest rules they mention that mascot must “reflect national and cultural specifics of Russia, as well as modern times”. But, as I mentioned above, they do accept international entries.

All you have to do is to send your picture and filled out questionnaire to PO Box “Talisman Sochi 2014,” Moscow, 105275. They mention questionnaire in English-language press release, but I couldn’t find English-language questionnaire. So, download the Russian version here, and see my screenshots with notes below on filling it out. Once they receive it, they promise to post it to the gallery on the official website.

The timeline goes like this:

  • Works are accepted till December 5th, 2010 (mailed works must have post office stamp no later than this date).
  • January 20, 2011 will announce finalists. After this point the finalists’ works may be improved by professional designers.
  • Somewhere between January 20 and 31 there will be TV show with “open independent interactive voting” (I guess this will be in Russia only).
  • Work with most votes wins.

Simple :)

Winners, of Olympic and Paralympic mascots contests will get two tickets (each) to the opening ceremony. Souvenirs are for other “winners”.

So, there you go. You still have over two weeks to come up with something — go improvise! :)

Sochi 2014 Olympic Mascot Questionnaire

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