Couple of photos

Other stories July 7th, 2009

A couple of photos I found on Flickr today…

Sochi – Cheltenham’s sister city

“Cheltenham’s sister cities.” (c) Dave Hanmer

Sochi’s sister cities, or twin cities…

Luring you in…

(c) Masha Kuvshinova

Sign reads: “Holiday romance is your dream! It will realize in Sochi! Come…” :-)

Helping out with Olympics preparations: the Olympic tenders and investment opportunities!

Development, Olympics 2014 August 6th, 2008

Sochi Olympic Cooperation

Own a business or have money to invest? You can help Sochi to get things done on time! :)

There are two places I know where you can find information about Olympics-related tenders. One is the official website of the Sochi Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games, and the other one is the website of the state corporation “Olympstroy”.

And these are not only tenders for construction of the Olympic venues for the Sochi Olympic Games, but also for smaller stuff, like supplying construction equipment, autos, office supplies and equipment, providing services like financial audits and technical expertise for various events, etc.

The trick with the Organizing Committee for OG is to monitor both Russian- and English-language versions of the websites. French-language version of the website doesn’t have any information on official tenders. Most tenders are published in the Russian section (of course in Russian language), and fewer are on English (in English). Looks like it depends on the tender where each one goes. Right now there are five open tenders in the Russian section.

The Russian section also lists several high-level open vacancies open in the Organizing Committee. I assume this means that the candidate has to be fluent in Russian. The English section’s “vacancies” section is empty for now.

Sochi Olympic tenders from the Sochi Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games:
Russian language
English language

The state corporation “Olympstroy” opened redesigned website about a week ago, and also lists all tenders there Read the rest of this entry »

London and Sochi share educational experience

Olympics 2014 February 2nd, 2008

«Professional partnership London – Sochi» program took its start in the end of January in Sochi. The program provides for delegation exchanges between colleges and education establishments.

On January 22, professors from three London universities met with pedagogues from the «Black Sea humanitarian academy». During their week-long visit, guests from UK will have specialised seminar on teaching medical English, and will share their experience in organizing short term language courses for hotels’ personnel.

The point of this visit was to establish contacts and find common interests of two Olympic capitals in experience exchange of preparing staff for the Olympic Games. Educational consulting firm from London also plans to monitor knowledge level of English language among Sochi residents, students, and hotels’ personnel. Meanwhile city administration has set difficult goal for city’s teachers – to teach all residents at least one foreign language! Currently, out of 400 000+ residents only 10% know foreign languages in adequate level.

Sochi teachers will visit London in April, after which a document will be signed between two cities on educational tourism.

Sochi and Erevan, Armenia to become sister cities

Sochi News October 3rd, 2007

Mayor of Erevan – the capital of Armenia – Ervand Zakharyan has announced today that Sochi and Erevan will sign document in November or December making Sochi and Erevan sister cities (aka twin towns or brother cities). Currently almost all Sochi’s sister cities are major resort centers in the countires where they are located. Erevan is not, however large number of Sochi residents are ethnic armenians, and this move makes a lot of sense.

Sochi’s current sister cities:

Cheltenham, UK (since 1959)
Menton, France (since 1966)
Rimini, Italy (since 1977)
Espoo, Finland (since 1989)
Long Beach, USA (since 1990)
Trabzon, Turkey (since 1991)
Pärnu, Estonia (since 1994)
Weihai, China (since 1996)
Volos, Greece (since 2007)