Seven Sochi’s sportsmen have returned from Open Russian Kickboxing Championship Among Students in Chelyabinsk (Ural region) which welcomed 300 fighters from all over Russia, and brought back seven medals! I couldn’t find more details of the championship, but lists their names.

  • Minas Kadian («Atlan») – gold
  • Rasul Arakichev («Atlan») – gold
  • Arsen Nagabedyan (Junior sports school of Olympic reserve) – gold
  • Kazbek Zubairaev («Atlan») – silver
  • Karlen Akopian («Legioner») – silver
  • Ramil Mustafaev («21-Vek») – silver
  • Artem Sarkisian («21-Vek») – silver

«Atlan» is a very well known Muay Thai / Kickboxing club in Sochi. Several Russia, CIS, and Eurasia champions came out of it.

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