Land sizes: 1 sotka = 100 sq meters
Apartments: typical “one room” apartment has a single room, separate kitchen, lavatory+bathroom, sometimes balcony.

Nobody had any doubts that real estate prices would jump high if Sochi was to be selected to host the Olympics. You have expected it in your comments, so here are some numbers.

Land prices in Krasnaya Polyana, where skiing and sliding events will take place, rose from $45-$70 000 to $70-$100 000 overnight. Same thing happened in Imeritinskaya Valley by the sea – home to all other Olympic events. One room apartment in “Blinovo” micro-district (neighborhood), which is located less then five minutes away from Imeritinskaya valley, now costs $180 000, a $50 000 jump in two days. And let me tell ya, these and not brand new modern buildings we’re talking about, all these were built back in the good old Soviet times. And even though the future of the area looks bright, right now this is city’s outskirts, and it is rather underdeveloped.

Also, many people who were trying to sell their real estate are pulling it from the market to see how the prices will change. Some real estate agencies predict that there will be tougher laws for the construction companies now, which will rase prices for newly build apartments 100% or more.


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