Missis World 2007 in SochiThe next biggest thing to hit Sochi after International Olympics Committee visit will be this year’s finals of the International beauty contest – Missis World 2007.

First thing’s first: the official website of the contest is www.mrsworld.com. This sorry excuse for the website is pretty useless, but it does have (low quality) pictures of all ladies, so check ’em out and let me know who you think should win the contest! :) I personally like Yulia Ogrokhyna of Ukraine :-D

The date of the event is March 8 – the International Women’s Day. Until then, ladies, who are currently in Sochi, are exploring the city. For example recently they’ve visited Krasnaya Polyana winter resort, and tea houses in Loo district. They are staying in «Zhemchuzhina» hotel and every day is planned to a minute – excursions, official meetings, preparations for the event. The most interesting parts of their activities will be compiled into a video, which will be televised in USA, Europe, Asia and Africa. All ladies are winners of national “Missis” competitions, but the number of ladies who came to Sochi varies in different sources – Sochi-news.ru and some other sources report that 30 contestants came to Sochi, and Yuga.ru reported 50 ladies are here. The official website lists 35 women, so i guess its probably 30 participants.

Before comming to Sochi, 16 of the participants of Missis World competition, including Missis Word 2006 — Russian Sofia Arzhakovskaya, Missis USA, Missis Germany, Missis India, and others, stopped by in Chechnya for three days. There they attended a traditional dance concert, met with local women organizations, visited schools and hospitals (my respect to these 16!).

The Sochi event will take place in “Zimny” Theater (Zimny means Winter), where most major events in Sochi are organized. Here are a few photos of the “Zimny”:

Zimny Theater in Sochi
Photo from 50hz.ru

Zimny Theater in Sochi
Photo from restsochi.narod.ru
To host this event, Russia had to beat USA, India, Canada, and Bahamas, and Sochi had to beat Arkhangelsk – The Heart of Russian North – in domestic competition to host the event. This is 15th Missis World competition, and this year organizers introduced two additional titles – «Missis Benevolence», and «Missis Fitness»

I’ll write more on this if there will be additional news or pictures close to the March 8th.

Small photo (C) Sochi-news.ru


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