Dmitry Kugarov published a few photos of future Federation Island — artificial island in the Black Sea:

Federation Island in Russia, Sochi

Federation Island in Russia, Sochi

Federation Island in Russia, Sochi


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    Takashi Nonin
    March 24th, 2008 at 0:04

    Interested in Federation Island as one of the Sochi Olympic venues.

    My question:

    How many islands belonging to the Kuril’skiye Os near the Kamchatka Peninsula are designed on this Russia-shaped map-land off Sochi?
    Please name each of the islands.


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    Tak Nonin
    September 8th, 2008 at 20:28

    I’ve been watching the progress of this colosal project for the past year. They say that the project will start early in 2009.
    Now you may know that another project of smaller size (31.5 ha) is also expected to go on in the autumn of 2009 around one of the points of Federation Island (250 ha) closest to the shore of Sochi. The companies/ builders are LLC Khomar of Rostov-upon-Don which owns a marina in Khosta area, and Toho Global Associates of Japan which has 80 % shares of the former company. The new artificial island is called SAKURA ISLAND (known in Russia as Oriental Cherry) . Khomar and Toho GA now run a subsidiary company by the name of SAKURA ISLAND (RUS), Inc. stationed in Moscow. This news was reported far and wide by Russian media, mostly in Russian, weeks ago. I read in English translations. CEO Vladimir Rudenko had his strong say.

    My inquiry is: When the two projects start sometime next year until around 2013, Both the Federation Island and SAKURA ISLAND groups will have to encounter more or less in and around the construction sites in the Black Sea. Will there be any possibilities between those two projects to seek cooperation or joint work? What do you think?

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    August 5th, 2011 at 17:50


    It’s a long time since I last wrote to you.
    Eric seems to be there.

    I have a few questions about the artificial island(s) to be built off the coast of Sochi, notably Federation Island by M-Industry and Sakura Island by Marina Khomar possibly together with a Japanese contractor.

    As you are well aware, last month President Medvedev signed the Russia’s first-ever law in connection with artificial islands in the Russian territory. This is expected to enable construction firms to take part in the creation of new land in the water much easier than before.

    Q 1: How do you accept this new law which encourages the construction of new island(s) in the Black Sea off the coast of Soch?

    Q 2: Are there any movements or news on contractors around your

    Q 3: If this law or project aims at the Winter Olympics in 2014, then
    do you think you have enough time for the completion of all
    this? In other words, can they (builders) make it or meet the
    deadline by 2014?

    Q 4: Because this artificial island project has nothing to do with the
    Olympics, they (contractors) don’t have to worry about the
    deadline. All they need is do the job to finish regardless of the
    time limit. Do you think so?

    Q 5: Do you know a world-famous watchmaker by the name of
    Franck Muller? I am told that he may possibly participate in the
    land creation as a designer!

    With best regards,


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