A project of the central Olympic stadium – stadium where opening and closing ceremonies will take place, as well as many medal ceremonies – has been finally selected few days ago. The winner of the tender is a group of companies which includes «Mosproject-4», Russia (architecture design), Populous, USA (architecture design), Botta Management Group, Switzerland (construction management), «ENGEOCOM Association» CJSC, Russia (construction).

The stadium must be completed by the end of first quarter of year 2013. After the Olympics it will be used to host football games and comply with all FIFA regulations.

Below are a few renderings from icube.ru which list «Mosproject-4» as a client, so, I guess, we’re looking at what future stadium will look like.

More renderings:

Renderings source icube.ru

Meanwhile, recent «Olympstroy»’s press release reminds of four ongoing construction projects in Immeritinskaya Valley which have already been started. It’s Small ice hockey arena, Large ice hockey palace, Ice arena for curling, and Ice sports palace for figure skating and short-track competitions. They also say that Olympic alpine skiing tracks in the Roza Khutor resort are 80 percent complete. Cool!


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    September 30th, 2009 at 2:38

    Опередил меня с этой новостью на несколько минут)
    Но у меня есть еще одна: вчера Populous представила другой проект!

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    September 30th, 2009 at 3:59

    ага, я зашёл и удивился, т.к. писал перед сном :) я вообще-то уже 2 дня хотел свой запостить, но сайт колбасило каждый раз когда было для этого время. только вчера удалось

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