WW2 Museum opens in Sochi, featuring statue of Churchill, Stalin, and Roosevelt meet

Development, Sochi News May 11th, 2008

WW2 Museum in SochiWorld War II museum opened in Sochi this weekend. According to vesti.ru, the museum is featuring one of the most complete collections of WW2 awards. All Soviet medals and decorations were donated to the museum by owners or their heirs, and the awards from the foreign countries were purchased in auctions. Among other items are ammunition and paintings from the collection of the businessman Victor Baturin.

The museum is located on the territory of the Sanatorium «Krasmashevsky».

In front to the museum is new statue of Churchill, Stalin, and Roosevelt meeting in Yalta (another Black Sea coast city, now in Ukraine). The author of the statue is Israeli architect Frank Meisler. Here a couple of pictures from the rian.ru and a video news clip (in Russian) from ntv.ru

WW2 Museum in Sochi

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