Mercer to include Sochi in it’s Cities Rankings

Other stories June 29th, 2009

“Mercer publishes rankings for 240 cities, and … is expanding the list to include two unlikely places due to high demand: Sochi, Russia – site of the 2014 Winter Olympics – and the North Korean capital, Pyongyang.” This is a quote from the article on importance of the city ranks and surveys for global companies.

Mercer is the highly regarded consulting company, which, among other things, surveys cities and ranks them on various topics. The two popular surveys you most often see the media discuss are Quality of Living and Cost of Living surveys. The latter one is popular in Russia to discuss, as Moscow tops it year after year for god knows how long now.

Such surveys are often used by global companies when making decisions on opening new offices abroad. The same article cites Mercer’s Geneva office say “1,600 companies pay membership fees to have access to all of the consultancy’s data, and another 18,000 place orders for various surveys.”

Does anyone reading have access to the complete Quality of Living published in April ’09? I wonder if Sochi was already included, and I wonder how it did :)